Certik Audit


CertiK is a blockchain security firm focused on maintaining and improving the overall security and correctness of smart contracts, as well as blockchain protocols on a global scale. This is why we chose them for Shibaswap!

Recognized as the leading blockchain auditing firm by trusted projects such as Binance, Shiba Token and Polygon, its industry-leading audit methodology, tooling and high-security standards make it a necessary partner for any DEX; being the leading security-focused platform to analyze and monitor blockchain protocols and DeFi projects.

At the time of WoofPaper V3's publication, Shibaswap sits in second place in terms of rankings, and often fights for first! This ranking is determined based on quality of code and security.


Blockchains such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and others are public ledgers. This means that everything that happens on the network is publicly visible. However, with millions of transactions happening every day, it's an impossible task for any one Shib to keep up.

That's where Skynet comes in.

Skynet automatically monitors a project's contracts and aggregates the data it collects into an easily-understandable dashboard, providing an intelligence engine that works around the clock to verify the security of Shibaswap and its various smart contracts.

Certik Shield (AKA ShentuShield)โ€‹

ShentuShield is an innovative alternative to insurance for reimbursement of crypto assets. Token holders looking to protect themselves from theft or loss can purchase coverage for their assets with ShentuShield.

Each Shield is active for approximately 21 days, with the exact time dependent on the final block.

Certik Audit Report

Certik Dashboard for ShibaSwap Requested claims for losses occurring outside of the 21 day active period are not eligible.

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