Community Recognition

This section is still being worked on. We will be having several ways on how to get your project recognized within the sections below at a later time. Once the intake structure is set, we can bring the application forms out.

Community Initiatives

The Shiba Inu community (ShibArmy) initiative started from a few to a record breaking of millions of supporters worldwide. From an individual or network of individuals dedicated to showcasing the energy, ecosystem, and power of cryptocurrencies, especially focused on the Shiba Ecosystem utility functions and growth factor in the DeFi space. With this being said, the health and well-being of the project has always been the community.

We want to award community initiatives with attention and support, but always with the understanding that each project holds value on its own and remind all community members to do research prior to engaging in any valued community commitment. We are proud to see Shiba Inu grow, as a community, as it should be, decentralized, and efficient.

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