First Time Setup

To set up a Ledger hardware wallet for the first time, follow the below steps:

  1. Install Ledger Live on your PC or mobile device.

  2. Connect your new Ledger device to your PC or mobile device with the included USB cable.

  3. Open Ledger Live and select Set up as a new device. Follow the on-screen instructions in the app to set up your new Ledger device.

  4. Create a PIN for security on your Ledger device and backup your 24-word recovery phrase. Keep this somewhere safe and do not show it to anyone!

If you lose your seed phrase, Ledger cannot help you recover your wallet and your funds will be lost forever. Never share your seed phrase with anyone!

Using Ledger Live

Using Ledger Live, users are able to manage accounts and apps on their device. To get you Ledger device working with the Shiba Inu Ecosystem, connect your device via USB and enter your PIN code. In Ledger Live, open the Ledger Manager menu. Tap both buttons when prompted on your Ledger device to allow Ledger Manager to run.

In the App Catalog, search for and install the Ethereum (ETH) app on your device. Each blockchain uses its own app on your Ledger hardware, so feel free to install additional blockahain apps if you intend on using them. If this is your first time using your Ledger, you may also install the app Recovery Check to verify that your 24-word recovery phrase is written down correctly. This app can be safely deleted after you verify your recovery phrase is backed up accurately.

Connecting to ShibaSwap

ShibaSwap allows multiple protocols for connecting DeFi wallets. Ledger supports connecting via two protocols, both of which will be covered here.

Option 1: Connecting Via MetaMask

Adding your Ledger accounts to MetaMask on your web browser is an easy and convenient way of connect to DApps on the web. (If you have not used MetaMask before, refer to our earlier page on setting up MetaMask for the first time.)

Unlock your MetaMask wallet. From here, click on your circular account icon in the top right corner and select "Connect Hardware Wallet" from the drop-down menu. Connect your Ledger device, unlock it with your PIN code, open the Ethereum app and Ledger Live, and then click on the Ledger button. If prompted by your web browser, allow your computer to connect to the device. Once connected, you will be presented a list of accounts you may import. Select all the accounts you wish to use and click Unlock.

Tip: The accounts displayed will be the same ones in the same order that would populate if you added accounts through Ledger Live. Remember, your 24-word recovery phrase and PIN will always access the same accounts in the same order.

On ShibaSwap, click the Connect wallet button in the top right corner and select MetaMask. Select the imported Ledger account you wish to connect to.

If your transactions fail, make sure your Ledger device is connected, unlocked, and the Ethereum app is open.

Option 2: Connecting Via WalletConnect

Connect your Ledger device to your desktop or mobile device via USB and unlock it with your PIN. On ShibaSwap, click the Connect wallet button in the top right corner and select WalletConnect. Click Desktop and then Ledger. This will open up Ledger Live on your device. Approve the connection and you will be connected to ShibaSwap until you close Ledger Live or lock your Ledger device again. Any transactions to your Ledger accounts will issue a prompt on your Ledger hardware to confirm before it is sent.

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