Doggy DAO (ShibaSwap)

ShibaSwap's Doggy DAO is current in BETA. Information on this article and functionality mentioned therein is subject to change.

Doggy DAO Beta

ShibaSwap's Doggy DAO is the Shiba Inu Ecosystem's own Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO). In the spirit of decentralization, the DAO is designed for holders to have a say in how the ecosystem evolves and makes important decisions. The Doggy DAO is controlled by the will of the Shib Army, utilizing tBONE (staked BONE) to give a voice to the community. Each tBONE is the equivalent of one vote, and a user's vote is weighted by the amount of tBONE staked.

Voters may access the Doggy DAO voting platform by navigating to the Doggy DAO Section on ShibaSwap. To ensure eligibility for voting, simply go to the BURY section of ShibaSwap and deposit your BONE accordingly. For your convenience, the staking of BONE can also be done via the Doggy DAO section of ShibaSwap.

Currently, the Beta Phase of the Doggy DAO allows tBONE holders to vote for Woofable Pairs to be added to ShibaSwap. Woofable Pairs are specific liquidity pairs that have been onboarded by the ShibaToken team and are eligible to receive additional ecosystem rewards on top of any exchange fees earned.

As the ecosystem continues to grow, the DAO will have an increased role in determining the overall direction that individual projects take. Thus the Doggy DAO is the main pillar that imbues the spirit of decentralization and community involvement to the ecosystem, and BONE is the key to participation.

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