Burn Mechanism

🔥Introducing $SHIB Burn Mechanics to Shibarium

Keeping the promise and often requested by the Shiba community, we confirm that all transactions on the network will have an implicit burn amount for $SHIB token. This will operate within the base gas fee of these transactions being utilized to burn $SHIB through our renewed Burn Portal*. This will occur every time a transaction is made on the network.

By implementing this feature, burning $SHIB tokens per transaction will be reflected in the total token supply as we hope it will have a significant impact on the circulating amount of the $SHIB supply over time.

In addition, we will release information and broadcast of our renewed Burn Portal and how it is to operate with Shibarium in a future blog post. So stay tuned.

❗️Our renewed *Burn Portal is not up yet and is specifically developed for Shibarium.

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