Testnet Faucet Portal

A faucet for test tokens is a website or app that dispenses small amounts of a specific test token, which is a token that is used specifically for testing purposes.

Testnets allow developers to test their applications and contracts without using real cryptocurrencies. Faucets are used to obtain the test cryptocurrency needed to interact with the testnet blockchain. In this case, the upcoming Shibarium testnet.

The Shibarium’s testnet faucet confirms the dispensing of a small amount of test cryptocurrency to users for testing purposes. Shibarium testnet will utilize a $BONE test token in order to allow users and devs to do massive tests on the network.

❗Users will be able to claim test tokens through our private test network portal. This portal is not open at this time, we will make a formal public announcement when it has been deployed. We will elaborate further in our next blog post to prevent fraudulent activities and misunderstandings regarding the private test network portal.

During this introductory time, we’d like to remind everyone that these tokens are not real assets.

You are unable to exchange them for actual cryptocurrency, they are used only in a test environment, so there will be no worth holding them expecting to gain any value. We recommend using new clean wallets for this purpose.

❗As a reminder, and to avoid any scams, please stay tuned to these blogs or our social media for any further updates on Shibarium. The only source of documentation material will be released on our main website.

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