Validators in Shibarium

Blockchain validators are nodes in a blockchain network that are responsible for verifying and validating transactions, and for maintaining the integrity of the ledger. These nodes are typically run by entities called validator operators. The validator's role is to ensure the integrity of Shibarium’s blockchain by verifying that transactions are valid, and that they conform to the rules and protocols of the network.

❗In Shibarium, Validators are instrumental members of the network who contribute to operability security by locking up a certain number of $BONE tokens and operating Heimdall Validator and Bor block producer nodes.

Heimdall Validator is an open-source validator software that can be used to participate in different blockchain networks. It is built using the Tendermint consensus engine, which allows it to process and validate transactions quickly and securely. It is designed to be easy to use, with a simple and intuitive user interface that allows users to monitor the status of their validator, delegate tokens, and more. Heimdall Validator allows to process and validate transactions quickly and securely, while analyzing and reinforcing integrity.

Bor is the EVM-compatible layer responsible for block production. Bor offers EVM compatibility to leverage the developer functionality of Ethereum. The Bor layer is responsible for all peer-to-peer interactions on Shibarium. The committee of block producers is assembled and periodically shuffled from the list of validators.

❗In exchange for their role and service, Validators receive rewards proportional to their stake. The rewards are divided among all participants based on the amount of tokens they have staked. The user's reward balance is recorded in a contract, which is used to determine the rewards that can be claimed.

Validators also run the risk of losing some or all of their stake if they engage in malicious activities such as double signing, this also affects the linked delegators in that checkpoint.

❗Individuals who want to support the network but do not want to run a full node can participate as Shibarium ‘Delegators’.

Selected Validators participate in block production and verification through a regularly occurring on-chain auction process within Shibarium. These chosen Validators are responsible for operating a full node, participating in consensus, and committing checkpoints on the Ethereum mainnet.

Upon successfully validating a checkpoint, updates are made on the parent chain and rewards are distributed to Validators based on the amount of $BONE tokens they have staked through staking management contracts on the Ethereum mainnet.

❗In order to qualify as a Validator, one must stake their $BONE tokens with these contracts.

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