ShibaSwap was the first step to building the infrastructure that supports the overall Shiba Inu ecosystem. The Shiba Inu tokens are the seeds from which the ecosystem sprouted, and ShibaSwap is how they have dug in their roots.

The goal of ShibaSwap is to provide a safe place for the community to trade tokens on a decentralized exchange, while implementing special incentives and rewards to those who contribute to the ecosystem, such as liquidity providers.

Our unique tokenomics, user-friendly design, strong technical foundation, and ever-growing community all contribute to the success of the platform, which ultimately forms the central pillar of the entire ecosystem.

ShibaSwap currently resides on the Ethereum blockchain supporting ERC-20 tokens only. It will be updated to support our Shibarium Layer-2 network once it is released.

ShibaSwap is a project built by community members and has no direct link to the foundation of Shib.

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