Bonefolio / Analytics


The Bonefolio is ShibaSwap's analytics portal that provides information on all three Bury pools as well as every liquiditiy pair hosted on ShibaSwap. The application consists of several pages on its left side panel that we will discuss.

Dog Park

This is the main page of Bonefolio and includes global information on ShibaSwap's liquidity, volume, top tokens, and top liquidity pool pairs.

You can use the search bar at the top of the Dog Park page to search for a specific token or pair on ShibaSwap.


These three pages include information on staking pools for SHIB, LEASH, and BONE. Here you can find APY data as well as information on staking supply, yield, fees, and more. This data is automatically charted over time for analysis by the community.

Woof Pools

These two pages list recent and existing Woofable liquidity pairs as selected by our Doggy DAO. For more information, review our previous page on Woofing rewards. Here you can find stats on pool sizes, expected rewards, and TVL (Total Volume Locked).

  • Recent: These are recently added liquidity pairs from ShibaSwap's Doggy DAO.

  • All: These are all Woofable pairs on ShibaSwap.


These four pages provide volume and other analytical data on all pairs on ShibaSwap not included in Woofable pools. Remember, anyone can add any liquidity to any pair on ShibaSwap, so this list will always be long and ever-evolving.

  • Recent: These are recently created liquidity pairs on ShibaSwap.

  • All: These are all liquidity pairs on ShibaSwap

  • Doggos: These are pairs that are trending upwards in volume.

  • Puppies: These are pairs that are trending downwards in volume.


This page contains a list and information on all tokens which have liquidity on ShibaSwap, as well as standard analytical information for each token.


Copy and paste any Ethereum address into this page to load information on that wallet's staked tokens on ShibaSwap, including information on profit/loss and total value.

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