Website Pipeline

Welcome to our Pipeline of the ShibaToken website! While we generally do not give any dates of when projects get completed, we do want to give some insight on our plans that we have in mind for the website. Below you will see some of our planned content that we will be working on to improve the ecosystem.
While this is not the full list and the order of everything can change at a moments notice, we will try to be sure we keep this section updated.

Phase 1

Initial redesign of the website while bringing the core of the SHIB Ecosystem together.
  • Once the countdown timer has ended, smaller articles for the ecosystem will come online over time.
  • Community Project Intake form launched.
  • Collecting community feedback regarding the site design and backend improvements.
  • Partnership pages refresh

Phase 2

  • Launch of Knowledge base for SHIB Project related materials.
  • Improvements to Wiki layout/design/content (this will be ongoing)
  • Ecosystem Alerts / Important Info
  • Community Article Submission information

Phase 3

  • V2 Design