As per Whitepapers v1 and v2, to assure the longevity of ShibaSwap and the Shiba Inu Ecosystem, 5% of all Bone per Block (BPB) has been allocated to a multisignature wallet. This wallet has been split in a half.

50% (6,250,000 BONE) were allocated to Developers, Admins, Helpers and marketing.

This fund put towards the financial relief that the developers, admins and marketing teams needed to make the ecosystem something successful.

Certain individuals received compensation for their hard work on the project, while others who contributed, or shared their knowledge and energy to make the project successful were given the opportunity to get Treasury Bone at a price of $0.01 before its public price. This investment needed to be paid back to the Treasury before July 31st, 2022.

50% (6,250,000 BONE) were allocated to Shiba Inu Ecosystem Development Fund. This fund was put towards the continuted advancement of the Shiba Inu Ecosystem. After ShibaSwap launched, was up to everyone to keep that momentum going. This allocation has been used to pay for development, infrastructure (hardware, software, legal), and new projects built upon Shib's brand.

Some of these funds have not yet been allocated due to the BONE minting process.

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