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Unnamed Canyon


The 'Canyon' elevates the essence of Earthy, Rivers, Adventure, Breathtaking Scenery. Imagine immersing yourself in incredible activities such as: Waterskiing, Rock Climbing, ATV Mountain, Slot Mazes, Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge, White Water Rafting, Helicopter Tours, Horse Back Riding Trails, Spelunking, and an exciting Burning Man-Like Party Area.
Amongst the architectural inspiration designs taken from many locations including:
  • Badlands(South Dakota/New Mexico, United States)
  • Lake Tahoe (Nevada, United States)
  • Grand Canyon (Arizona, United States)
  • Moab (Utah, United States)
  • Mesa Verde (Colorado, United States)
  • Salt Flats (Utah, United States)
Flora Inspiration: Desert wildflowers, Indian Paintbrush, Thick Leaf Penstemon, Desert Phlox, Arizona Thistle, Yucca, Cacti, Succulents, Agave, Saguaro, Heterotheca Villosa.
Fauna Inspiration: Scorpions, Tarantulas, Giant Centipedes, Birds of Prey (Condor, Falcons, Hawks), Roadrunner, Wren, Raven, Lizards, Non-Rattlesnakes, Bats, Wild Horses, Butterfly.