Welly is born from an idea to bring blockchain concepts to a real-world food franchise for individuals seeking to experience something new, innovative, healthy, and tasty.

This journey began its course in 2021 with a rapid rebranding upon a successful partnershib agreement, while opening of its first location in Naples, Italy.

Welly's mission is to provide high-quality, healthy fast-casual food to its customers without compromising on customer service or affordability. What makes Welly one-of-a-kind is its plans to expand all across the globe through the power of its community which supports the growth and direction of the business.

Welly x SHIB

The SHIB x Welly "Partnershib" was reinforced by Shiba Inu's Project Lead, Shytoshi Kusama, February 2nd, 2022 in a Medium article labelled; Chow Down: SHIB x Welly's. It was soon revealed that SHIB had acquired a 15% ownership in Welly, and will use proposals within the Doggy DAO to represent the SHIB Army! This system will allow community input in decisions for the future of Welly including future store locations, menu updates, community rewards and burns.

In addition Welly implanted processing via NowPayments to begin accepting SHIB as a form of payment, and will intergrate Shiba Inu's own Layer 2 Blockchain launch, Shibarium, when it is operational.

Welly franchise locations will eventually all run on the Shibarium, which brings multiple benefits inclusive with transactions on burning mechanics that allow for a methodology of reducing the supply for SHIB via utility, while achieving low transaction fees and a speedy settlement during the process.

Just as transparency is important on the blockchain, it is important to have transparency into what you're eating! Welly customers will be able to track every product they are consuming from production to table via Shibarium.

Franchising + Welly Friends NFT

Welly has developed a forward thinking expansion plan for its franchises which is focused on providing lasting benefits to its supporters. The Welly Friends NFT collection was created as a way to accomplish this mission.

Welly Friends NFT holders receive the following exclusive benefits:

  • Exclusive access to franchise licences.

  • 8% of net profits from Welly franchise locations will be distributed as rewards to holders of Welly Friends NFTs. (Note: The reward will come from net profits for all Wellys locations other than the existing location in Naples)


The Welly team has announced the following benefits for the SHIB community:

  • Burning of SHIB through Welly transactions on the Shibarium L2 network.

  • 2% of net profits from Welly stores will be used to burn SHIB.

  • An additional 10% of net profits from Welly stores will be allocated for community rewards to Welly Friends NFT holders.

  • Finally, 15% of net profits from the SHIB investment in Welly will be determined by proposals via the Doggy DAO.

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