Unnamed Dunes


Picture yourself staring at mounds of sand shaped by winds, while feeling a sensation of heat, while smooth sand particles travel at a near distance welcoming other sand mounds, perhaps with a sense of sheltered areas behind an obstacle. Upon gazing beyond you discover an oasis of sorts, yet this oasis is like no other, it's massive, it's shaped, and welcomes an adventurous and modern place, full of glitzy architecture and cooling waters.

Amongst the architectural inspiration designs taken from many locations including:

  • Various Mirages

  • Various Oasis

  • Great Sand Dune National Park (Colorado, United States)

  • Pyramids (Egypt)

  • Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

  • Sossusvlei Park (Namibia, Africa)

  • Sahara Desert (Africa)

Flora Inspiration: Camel Thorn Tree, Welwitschia, Nara Melons, Thorns, Twigs, Bushel.

Fauna Inspiration: SAND CAT, Sandworm, Kangaroo Mouse, Camel, Dune Scorpion, Sidewinder Snakes, Giraffes, Cheetahs, Elephants, Geckos, Bat Eared Fox.

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