The SHIBOSHIS are an exclusive collection of 10,000 Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTS), that were released on October 14th. Each SHIBOSHI represents a unique, randomly-generated pixel art Shiba avatar that will live eternally thanks to the blockchain.

The SHIBOSHIS launch dominated the Ethereum blockchain, selling out within 34 minutes! In keeping with the nature of exclusive-access conferred by the LEASH token, LEASH holders were given the opportunity to be first in line to purchase a SHIBOSHI during the minting phase. If you are looking to obtain your own SHIBOSHI today, you can purchase them from current owners on OpenSea here!

During the minting phase, each wallet was limited to a maximum of 10 SHIBOSHIS:

  • The first 3,000 SHIBOSHIS minted for the price of 0.1 ETH worth of LEASH (for the first 24 hours).

  • The next 5,000 SHIBOSHIS minted for the price 0.2 ETH worth of LEASH (for the first 24 hours).

  • Lastly, the final 2000 SHIBOSHIS minted for the price 0.3 ETH worth of LEASH (for the first 24 hours).

  • If the minting phase had gone longer than 24 hours, the SHIBOSHIS would have been available for mint in ETH. Thus, LEASH holders were granted early access per the exclusivity feature of the token.


SHIBOSHIS are centered around the idea of ‘passive benefits for life’, a model that provides multiple streams of rewards and utility to the holder. There are currently numerous features that have been announced SHIBOSHIS (with more to come!), as outlined below:

  1. Utility: The SHIBOSHI Social Club. In this space, SHIBOSHI holders are able to benefit from the below:

    • 🌅 Direct communication with the Development team and Core Team members of the Shiba Inu Ecosystem, including members of certain partnerships such as PlaySide (link to Shiba Inu Games here).

    • 🌄 Privileged information and news about SHIBOSHI-related developments and upcoming NFT/Gaming releases.

    • 🎨 Have a say on the development, design, and implementation of SHIBOSHIS and their affiliated project. Example: voting on the initial artwork samples provided by PlaySide.

    • 🌠 Additional benefits within roadmap activations and timelines.

  2. Utility: SHIBOSHIS can also be named and renamed! Each time you change the name of your SHIBOSHI it will cost USD 100 worth of SHIB, 100% of which is automatically burnt. Be quick though! Names are unique and can only be used once across all 10,000 pups!

  3. Utility: To thank and honor our beloved SHIBOSHI holders we created an area that consists of 2,000 restricted plots of land in SHIB: The Metaverse that were only available to whitelisted SHIBOSHI holders.

  4. Utility: Alongside our LEASH locker for our metaverse, (Link SHIB: The Metaverse) we built a dedicated SHIBOSHI LOCKER. This meant that SHIBOSHI holders were able to lock their SHIBOSHIS to access all phases of the Lands sale event as well. The locking periods were as below:

    • Minimum Lock: 1 SHIBOSHI for 45 days.

    • Maximum Lock: 10 SHIBOSHIS for 90 days.

    • Reduced to 30 days in the event you were unable to obtain any land from the bidding phase.

    • This custom selection process determined the maximum number of lands a wallet was able to mint.

    • The SHIBOSHI Locker smart contract can be found here.

  5. Utility: SHIBOSHIS are an NFT that go beyond the bounds of their pixel-art representation. They will also be your playable heroes in the upcoming game (blockchain variant), with each one demonstrating its own unique power through the combination of its traits.

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