What is Woof?

Woof is the place for Liquidity Providers to stake their SSLP tokens to earn additional rewards. To access the Woof page, simply navigate from the homepage fo the Woof page.

Woofable pairs are voted on by the community in our Doggy DAO, which you can read more about here.

Staking Your SSLP

As discussed previously, the Dig function allows users to create or contribute to liquidity pools on ShibaSwap. After depositing tokens in a liquidity pool, you will be receieve SSLP tokens that represent your share of pool ownership. In order to farm rewards for your liquidity, you must stake these SSLP tokens on the Woof page of ShibaSwap. To stake, select the corresponding pair from the list on the left side of the page and click Approve to approve your SSLP for use on ShibaSwap. Once approved, you are able to freely deposit and withdraw your SSLP from the yield farming pool. In the following example, we will be using the BONE-WETH liquidity pool.

Remember, all new token transactions must first process an approve transaction before ShibaSwap can interact with the tokens in your wallet!

  1. Pair name: This displays the name of the pair and the two tokens included.

  2. TVL: This is the Total Value Locked for the pair in question. It also displays the total number of SSLP tokens locked for the pair.

  3. APR: This is the current Annual Percentage Rate of the pair rewards. It is subject to change as pool size and reward token price shifts over time.

  4. Add Liquidity: This button allows you to easily add liquidity to the pair if you have not already done so. Refer to the previous page on the Dig function in ShibaSwap for more info.

  5. SSLP Selection Box: This menu allows you to input the amount of SSLP tokens you wish to deposit or withdraw. Once selected, click to deposit or withdraw your SSLP tokens and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

Claiming Rewards

When you connect with your wallet, on the right side of the page you will see your cumulative and archived rewards which can be Woofed (claimed) and deposited directly into your wallet. Simply click the WOOF button to claim the available rewards, which will initiate a transaction in your wallet to receive your rewards.

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