Wagmi Temple

Wagmi Temple

Wagmi is short for "We're All Gonna Make It". It refers to a higher conviction and optimistic state about the future. The foundation of SHIB has always been the community. We love that our community is strong, and the conviction to see SHIB rise and reach new heights come with great passion and a true belief system.

Wagmi Temple brings a zen-like realm with calming sensations, meditation, natural beauty, and spiritual connections to the world. Echoes whisper through the region with a rich history and discovery of SHIB's birth and its decentralized roots.

Amongst the architectural inspiration designs taken from many locations including:

  • Byodo-In Temple (Ahuimanu, Hawaii)

  • Temple of Heaven (Beijing)

  • Gawdawpalin Temple (Bagan, Myanmar)

  • Swaminarayan Akshardham (New Delhi)

  • Nan Hua Temple (Bronkhorstspruit, South Africa)

  • Kinkaku-ji Temple (Kyoto, Japan)

Flora Inspiration: Sakura Trees, Cherry Blossoms (Japan), Flame trees (Vietnam), Wisteria (Japan), Ginkgo trees (South Korea), Plum blossom trees (China)

Fauna Inspiration: Giant Panda, Tiger, Asiatic Lion, Snow Leopard, Orangutan and Proboscis Monkey; Reptiles such as the Saltwater Crocodile, Indian Cobra and Komodo Dragon, and Birds such as the great Hornbill, Painted Stork and Peacock. Fish also present within Koi Ponds

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