Tech Trench

Tech Trench

The idea for the Tech Trench environment is that of an immersive trench that was made from ancient times, and yet has evolved to a hyper technological avenue, due to its course process of education and knowledge from the millions of community members that embraced the atmosphere in a way of futuristic modernism and marvels alike.

This hub allows for a deeper connection with cultural reassurance and lessons learned from the innovative and daring journey SHIB as a project & community has endured.

A true place in which you can find community distribution of cultural learning experiences for all those who enter and shape the future of decentralized ecosystems and education foundations.

Amongst the architectural inspiration designs taken from many locations including:

  • Yale University (United States)

  • Princeton University (United States)

  • Otemon Gakuin University (Japan)

  • Mori Hosseini Embry Riddle Aeronautical University (United States)

  • Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower (Japan)

  • Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)

  • Rolex Learning Center (Switzerland)

Flora Inspiration: Modern landscape design defined by clean edges and an uncluttered look. This landscape design style can be a great fit for a property with a contemporary or modern aesthetic as well as a refreshing juxtaposition to a more traditional architectural style. In a contemporary garden, you will often see trimmed hedges, potted plants, simple blocks of plants in flower beds and some individual, cut-back trees. Illuminated floor accents that allow the user to experience a show of lights as they walk closer to buildings and showcase the flora surrounding the environment. It must feel like nature is part of knowledge and innovation on the trench.

Fauna Inspiration: Should inspire wisdom in the animal kingdom, ravens, owls, crows, jays, and magpies.

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